Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Book Event~July 15th 6pm

It's that time again!!!!!!!!!!

Book swapping,book discussions,good peeps,good eats and plenty of good books!!!

Our last book swap was an awesome,simply tasteful event and this will be also!

I'll be putting the Naughty Series by Brenda Hampton in rotation,so if you've been wanting to read this series it'll be available.

So bring a book and bring a friend,is swapping time.

July 15th 6pm
400 South 14th Street, Saint Louis, Missouri 63103

The room number will be available the day off and posted on facebook page and as always hit my cell if need or just ask for me at front desk.

Hopefully it's cooled off some and we can have meeting on the pool atrium where there's a nice patio setup close but not in pool area.

Straightup Hookups Literary Group

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