Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hotter Than July Meetup @ The Sheraton City Center St.Lous MO

Our July Book Swap Meetup was HOT!!!!!!

As we all know there are many different genres,subjects and categories of books.

Well this month's rapp session was in the arena of Erotica.

Yes peeps,it was HOT!!!!

We were blessed member Cheryl and her e-reader,and we took turns reading different clipets from different books.

Afew I remember Daddy Longstroke and The Pussy Whisperer not sure of the authors but it was a very interesting meeting. We collected more books and we went upstairs to atrium snack on the good eats,afew glasses of wine and of  course very,very good conversation.

If you're looking for a group of good laid back peeps,chilling,living,reading,rapping and enoying life!

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