Monday, May 21, 2012

Str8up Reading "The Naugthy Way!"

It's being Str8up busy in my world lately with events,graduations and travel it's been alittle hectic,but still I rise!

Cheryl's Good Reads Book Swap was a wonderful success. Ladies were fellowshipping in sisterhood,conversations flowed freely and so did the drinks.

It was a "Tastefully Simple Event with our wonderful hostess Stephanie! Games were played,books and businesses discussed wonderful time for all.

Made contact with a  women's organization that can use some all collected books and magazines.


While away I took afew books to read,just to past time while I wait where! Last year at my son's baseball game,another mother was reading a book by Brenda Hampton she said it was "naugthy". I told her I had recently read a book by Brenda Hampton and she went on to tell be about this I had to investigate.

I found that there was alot of naugthy going on,and I've read Naughty One and I'm now on Naugthy 2,looking forward to reading all including Jaylin's World and In My Shoes her latest. Brenda Hampton's writing is addictive. I found myself on the balcony of my cabin in the wee  hours getting in her books,yes after partying til the wee hours I came in went to the balcony and read til the sun rose on the horizon. Yes,I could not put it down. I like the way she writes,she keeps you interested from beginning to end.


Brenda Hampton's Books

To order Brenda's books check the link for her website!

I love books but even I will be switching to an e-reader soon,just for the  conveinence and eco reasons.


OOSA in the organization that will be hosting The Pajama Party in Oct here is St.Louis,last year was a blast with wonderful authors,readers and many bookclubs attending. It is a weekend event which usually include a meetand greet,shopping,getting out to see the sights and of course the Pajama Party and The ATL Awards!!!

So check out the link at your leisure and look forward to seeing you in Oct!!

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