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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Next Book Swap Drop Event

It's being hosted by Cheryl a book club member,attendence prize and game winner from our March 31 event!

It's happening in May and this event is Invite Only!

Not to frete most events are only for members and their guest!

You can ask to join our Literary Group/Book Club and it's up to the admins or club members to except or reject.

Join this blog and be abreast of our travel,events and community involvement!

So if you're interested and know a member,you know the deal.

Ask for "The Hookup!"

As always..."It's All About The Hook Up!"

A book swap drop event is scheduled for July 15th 2012 @ Sheraton City Center Downtown St.Louis MO

Monday, April 2, 2012


Our Book Swap Drop Event was great!

A wonderful event with wonderful women!

Our Tastefully Simple Consultant Stephanie was "Awesome" a were the items we tasted from their line.
Tastefully Simple ~ Stephanie White-Hieken

Check her site,place an order,look for my party to credit my sales!

Str8up Jammin W/Jamberry Nail Shields!

Here are a few pics and of course winners of attendence prizes and game winners.