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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Book Swap Time!!!!

SUHU Literary Group Book Swap Event

Sponsored by:  Straightup Hookups

                          Str8up Jammin W/Jamberry

                          Tastefully Simple

The event has been set,reservations made and it's time to chill out with ladies!!

Come and enjoy the first book swap event!

Look forward to interesting discussions,hot topics and great story lines,then parting ways til the next swap!
There will be a quick presentation of Jamberry Nail Shields and Tastefully Simple.

We will then proceed to swapping books and rapping about new books,new authors to look for,etc.

Str8up Jammin W/Jamberry Nail Shields!

Str8up Jammin W/Jamberry Nails!


Tastefully Simple

Check the links!

Another Straightup Hookup Production